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Artist Mike Skidmore has contacted HAF via our website.  He is a  professional portrait painter and runs both weekend workshops and online courses in oils. He has produced a 1hr tutorial video that is entirely free, and is meant to give real help on subjects like glazing, hair, mixing skin tones and painting reflective surfaces such as glasses. There are other areas covered too.

The video is available from his website on either the online courses page or workshops. 

Free ZOOM Demonstration

Dear Art Clubs and Societies,

It has been so wonderful to see so many of your members signing up to our free demonstration next Tuesday 21st December, via Zoom, at 7pm.

Unfortunately, recent developments with the new variant of Covid, are showing us all that this pandemic is sadly not over yet. Whilst some of us had thought Zoom learning was perhaps a temporary measure, the latest restrictions and guidelines mean that it is here for a while longer at least. 

We know it isn’t for everyone and we know it isn’t the same as in-person demonstrations but we really would encourage you to try it, especially those of you who are curious. The overwhelming response from our clubs who use it regularly and use it well, is that if you accept that it is a different product and view it in its own right, it really can be very good and sometimes better – no late night drives, more accessible for those who are less physically able, those who are unwell, those who are perhaps carers for someone at home, agoraphobic, don’t drive…the list goes on. 

We may have only taken over Art Profile in April this year but Peter has been teaching online since August 2020. We have been truly amazed by the number of people who have got in touch to say that Zoom learning has been an absolute lifeline for them during this time, for all the reasons above, and more. 

If you have yet to try a Zoom demonstration for your club, or for yourself, or if you have had a bad experience, then this demonstration is the perfect opportunity for you to try it – and it’s FREE – what have you got to lose? 

I have attached a pdf poster with all the information your members will need. Please do forward this to them to give them the chance to try it out.

In addition, we have been asked if this demonstration will be recorded and made available afterwards – the answer is YES! So if you cannot join live but would still like to see what an excellent and professional, online demonstration is like, then please register for your space. The recording will be available to all those who have registered, using this link,, up until 3rd January.